Rainbow Bridge Meditation
Human Evolution into Light


The Rainbow Bridge Meditation is the controlled vibrations of the many states of consciousness of the Human to create a continuum of awareness from the Outer to the Inner States of Consciousness; from the Inner States of Consciousness to the Higher States of Consciousness to bring you to a Super Conscious Awareness of the Individual Self merging with God in your Body, Mind and Spirit.

The colors of the Rainbow have profound Powers that One realizes in Meditation as One Visualizes them and feels them directly. The following are some of the Powers of the colors:

1. Red – Divine Love; Physical Control; Virility; Strength; Memory; Life Force; Attention.

2. Orange – Emotional Control; Body of Desire; Sensations; Vitality; Joy; Concentration.

3. Yellow – Mental Control, Dispels Evil Thought; Control of the Intellect; Thought Control; Observation.

4. Green – Invironmental Control, Poise and Balance; Healing; Awakening of Intuition; Hope; Psychic Power; Meditation.

5. Blue – Creative Control, Inner Peace; Creative Powers; Truth; Rhythm;Past Perception; Vibrations; Hidden Potential; Higher Mind; Writing; Singing; Poetry; Past Lives & Contemplation.

6 Violet – Individual Control, Transmutation Ray to Break from Discordant Thoughts; Insight; Imagination; Aura Perception; Third Eye; Color-Light-Size-Shape-Depth Perception; Mind’s Eye; Precognition; Prophecy; Individuality and Super Consciousness.

7. Indigo – Universal Control, At-Oneness; Beingness; Brings You to Universal Being; Unity; Wholeness; Cosmic Consciousness.

8. Gold -Master Mind Control, Mind; Divine Mastery, Realization as a Child of God; Realization; Cosmic Being; Wisdom; Master Consciousness; Buddha Consciousness.

9. White – Mind of Light Control, Purity; Perfection; Illumination; the Sustainer; Resurrection and Ascension; Christ Consciousness; Light Being.

NOTE: One may also desire to reverse the position of number 6 and 7 as this is the order that occurs naturally.

The Healing Rainbow Bridge of Light Colors are: Rose Red, Fire Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Emerald Green, Summer Day Sky Blue, Indigo (Color of the Midnight sky, a Deep, Deep Purple), Ultra-Violet, Golden and Pure White Light.

These are just some of the meanings of the colors, there is much, much more. Should you be interested in learning more about the Higher States of Awareness and the Esoteric meanings to situations and things, please inquire about Astral Physics Courses by contacting us at the address that appears at the beginning of this book.

You can also contact your local Astral Physics Light Center or The Church of Revelation. We will be glad to supply you with more information.

Meditate on the Rainbow Bridge by visualizing the colors until you perceive the White Light. You than you see yourself in a perfect state of Beingness, wholeness and Oneness then reverse the process coming back through the Rainbow Bridge until you are body conscious.

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